COMMON RESOLUTION of Preparatory Meeting
08-10-2015 TO 11-10-2015, DUBLIN (IRELAND)
(modified 06-12-2018 to 09-12-2018)


The participants of the preparatory meeting for the
"European CNC-Network – Magical Moving Machine for EUROPE"
agreed to the following common resolution:

  1. The participants will work on the basis of the already established European CNC-Network.

  2. The participants have agreed on a partnership called "European CNC-Network - Magical Moving Machine for EUROPE". The project is going to begin in October 2019 as part of the European programme "ERASMUS+ School Exchange Partnerships (KA229)" and will run for two years.

  3. All the schools that have taken part in the preparatory visits in Ivrea, Italy and in Dublin, Ireland will be invited into the planned project.

  4. All these partners will bring unique knowledge and skills to the project. Therefore, the participation of every member is essential to the success of the project as a whole.

  5. The participants have selected English as their working language.

  6. The partnership will work on product development which is inspired by an entrepreneurial mindset and creative thinking. It will display the complete procedure from the project idea to the final product.

  7. Every partner will have to produce one individual Moving Machine which should contain elements provided by each partner school as not all schools would have the capability to produce all parts without support and cooperation.

  8. The individual Moving Machines should also display any type of movement for example rotation, linear movements or oscillation. This should be realized by the use of renewable energy sources.

  9. All individual Moving Machines must be working individually and must also work as an essential part of a whole. They must be interconnected to form one final Magical Moving Machine.

  10. This Magical Moving Machine will represent the idea of the "European Spirit" (working together as unique but interdependent partners).

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